Paper cup is a proven marketing communication tool.
Our company is ready to make customer printing of any complexity within a very tight schedule.
Long-term experience and modern equipment allow us to offer advanced printing technologies for any customized order.

We offer you logo printing with any complexity of design. Our high-end equipment allows to implement almost any printing task.
We can proccess both big and short printing runs. Flexo, offset and digital printing available.

Special printing effects we offer:

Softtouch - is a special finishing coating that
makes the surface of a cups velvet. A cup with
such a coating has a pleasant feel and is popular
with customers.
Embossing - helps to highlight
details of design and adorns customer
printing on the cup.
UV varnish - helps to highlight details of design
with the help of glossy coating. Such a finish
looks great on bright and dark backgrounds.

We use HotAir technology to seal the side seam of the paper cup. This ensures the tightness of the seam and the absence of traces of adhesions.

Usually, on inexpensive glass making machines, the bottom of the cup is sealed using the 'rollers'. This technology cannot guarantee the tightness of the bottom of the paper cup. We use the technology of 'sliding stations'. Tightness is achieved by uniformly pressing the entire circumference of the bottom of the cup.

We perform quality control every hour. If we detect a defect, then all products produced since the last successful test are rejected. Thus, a possibility of delivering a faulty product to a customer is reduced to zero. To ensure the accuracy of this process, a date & time of production and a serial number are printed on the bottom of the cup.