Paper plates
Paper plates are used for serving hot and cold food. Made of high quality kraft cardboard. Plates have an attractive natural design.

Kraft plates:
Ø180mm | Ø230mm

Wide assortment
Plates 18 cm and 23 cm, "daisy" and with a high side.

Really tall plates
Our equipment allows us to mold high plate sides. All plate design elements are deeply embossed. The design of these plates allows them to withstand the considerable weight of the product without any deformation.
Only high quality raw materials
We produce paper plates only from certified raw materials. These plates are safe to use with foodstuffs.

It is easy to distinguish between virgin and recycled (waste paper) raw materials - just look at the back of the plate. If it is brown or gray in color, it is recycled material, which is banned for use with food in the European Union due to the migration of heavy metals from the cardboard to the food.

We guarantee the use of only virgin (cellulose) raw materials in the production of our products!