Black Paper Lids with Coffee Design for thermoCup Paper Cups
Black paper lids with a glossy coffee bean effect! The design shimmers beautifully in the light depending on the angle of view.

A modern and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic lids. Comfortable and practical paper lids!
The paper lids are made of laminated heavy virgin cardboard, which makes them fit snugly on the thermoCup. The paper lids are not prone to soaking, even with very hot coffee.

80mm - for 250ml cups
90mm - for 300/400/500ml cups

Paper lids decompose without harming nature!
Drinking from these lids is more pleasant than from plastic ones!
Can be used even with very hot drinks without harming your health.
8-color flexographic printing
on any part of the lid!
Victory in the Green Packaging
nomination at the Part Award 2021