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We offer paper cups for cold and hot drinks, plates, bowls, food, snack and soup containers as well as ice-cream cups. All our products are made from a food-grade highest quality paperboard, using the most up-to-date technology. This combination guarantees that whatever you choose to put in our products: hot coffee or ice-coffee, noodles or kebab, ice-cream or hot chocolate, your customer will be safe, clean and comfortable.

Make sure that you visit our Thermocup page to see how we make our cups to keep coffee hot for longer inside the cup while maintaining cool comfortable touch outside. Using Thermocup products you can save money on cup sleeves and provide pleasant customer experience at the same time.

If you have time (and even if you do not) please have a look at our plates because these plates are not just ordinary paper plates. Our plates can carry hefty and fatty food without breaking or getting soaked, keeping food on the plate not on your customer’s pants.


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We have a comprehensive offer and solid experience working with such industries as:

  • Chain coffee shops and restaurants
  • Fast food chains
  • Airlines
  • Catering companies
  • Food processors
  • Advertising agencies
  • Distributors

Our rich logistics chains makes it easy to buy our products in any part of our geographic market.

Restaurant Le Procope – the oldest restaurant in Paris where Napoleon and Voltaire themselves have dined.

Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli was a Sicilian chef who in 1686 opened Cafè Procope, which is the oldest restaurant in Paris. The Cafè Procope, in the street then known as rue des Fossès-Saint-Germain-des-Près , started as a cafè where various famous artists and writers decided to drink coffee and eat sorbet, and that’s how the world’s first literary cafè was born.

Anyone who was anyone in the literary world would gather there to debate and exchange philosophies (intellectuals like Voltaire, Rousseau, Balzac, Hugo).
Not all of them drank forty cups of coffee a day like Voltaire, who mixed his with chocolate, but they all met at Procope, as did Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Le Procope was known not only for its delicious ice cream and coffee, but also for its unique ambience with crystal chandeliers , red walls and beautiful lights and it not only attracted visitors from all over France but also from Europe, and remained a major economic and social event until the French Revolution.

Le Procope is now a full-service restaurant, but it is also a part-time museum with each room telling a story. One of the stories is that Napoleon Bonaparte would be made to leave his hat as security as he went out searching for money to pay his bill.

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KFC opens concept store in Shanghai as fast food enters the digital age.

The restaurant is much like so many others across the country, designed tastefully to look like a classical Chinese garden.

The main dining space, surrounded by green bamboo, is generously filled with flowers, has a moon-shaped doorway, and is decorated in Great Wall gray and jade.

But what's surprising is that it's actually owned by one of biggest names in global fast food: Yum Brands Inc's KFC. And it's been completely designed digitally, in collaboration with Baidu Inc, the Chinese web services giant.

Located inside Shanghai's National Exhibition and Convention Center, the "Original+" concept outlet offers customers a digitalized experience, covering everything from ordering to paying, as well as other types of entertainment.

Joey Wat, CEO of KFC China, said "Original+" combines both the company's "Original Recipe" chicken and innovative technologies.

Consumers place their orders using Baidu's virtual personal assistant, Duer.

Other technologies used include upgraded automatic ordering machines and Music Charging Tables, where customers can place cellphones capable of wireless charging inside a charging area, so that while the devices are being energized, their owners can relax by enjoying a list of songs customized by BaiduMP3 for the store.

KFC sees the development of the concept store as a move to reposition itself to keep up with the latest in social and consumer demands, by encompassing the internet and mobile services, particularly to attract the younger generation.

"The KFC concept store is a very interesting experiment," said Jason Yu, general manager of the consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel China.

"It is expected to generate increased customer experience, and raise efficiency for restaurants.

"And in turn it is expected to attract more young and middle class customers."

The advent of such high-tech dining, however, is not expected to fully offset arguably the biggest challenge being faced by the fast-food industry: Chinese consumers increasingly opting for healthier eating, within an array of different choices, he said.

Another fast-food chain, McDonald's Corp, meanwhile, is also betting big on digital growth.

It has already unveiled its Experience of the Future restaurant, which offers digital, personalized and customized experiences.

This year the global fast-food giant will also upgrade its 150 Create Your Taste restaurants in first-tier Chinese cities, offering digital services and do-it-yourself burgers.

Yum's sales accelerated faster in China than Wall Street expected in the first quarter of 2016, a year in which the company plans to spin off its China unit. Officials said the sales were boosted particularly by the company's Spring Festival KFC chicken bucket promotions,

Also the owner of the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, the China unit is Yum's top profit-driver. The unit's planned sale has garnered intense interest, attracting high-profile potential suitors and sparking speculation it will fetch a rich valuation.

A consortium backed by sovereign fund China Investment Corp has already expressed interest in buying a majority stake.

Yum said last week that sales at its China restaurants open at least a year rose 6 percent in the first quarter. Its KFC restaurants, the majority of its 7,205 stores in the division, posted a 12 percent rise in same-store sales, while the smaller Pizza Hut Casual Dining posted a 12 percent decline.

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Amazing Facts about coffee you probably didn’t know.

1. Coffee beans aren’t really beans
There you go! All your life you were tricked into thinking coffee came from beans. Truth is, coffee is a fruit. Coffee berries, also known as coffee cherries, are an edible fruit containing seeds that look very similar to beans, and are therefore called coffee beans.

2. Coffee & wine have more in common than you might think
Just like wine, coffee comes in numerous different varieties. Every variety has its own characteristics. And just like with wine we can look at the aroma, acidity, body and flavour of a coffee. Next time you enjoy a black coffee, try to dive into the fascinating world of coffee and ask yourself these questions. Does the coffee smell earthy, spicy, floral or nutty? Does it taste bright, tangy and crisp or rather smooth? Does it feel light or full in your mouth? Do you taste citrus, cocoa or berries? Pay attention and you’ll learn love your coffee even more.

3. The quality and taste of a coffee is determined by 4 main factors
Besides in which part of the world a particular coffee is grown and a number of other aspects, the main factors that determine flavour and quality are summarised by the 4 M’s: Macinazione – the correct grind; Miscela – the mixture, or as we say, the blend, Macchina – the machine used to make the coffee and lastly, Mano – which translates to ‘hand’, the barista who prepares the Espresso.

4. It takes 2000 hours to make a cup of coffee
From the day the seeds are planted to the day you get to enjoy a delicious beverage about 2000 hours have gone into the cup. This fact alone is reason enough for us to take some extra time when having coffee to really appreciate and savour it. Breath in the Brazilian air, listen to the sounds of the Indonesian jungle, close your eyes and enjoy the views of the Vietnamese coffee plantations and rice fields.

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