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Types of paper cups

For the average consumer, paper cups differ only in color and size. Few people pay attention to the material or the design of paper cups. But for those who pour a drink in a paper cup and gives it to the consumer, it is extremely important to know all the details and differences of types of paper cups.

SINGLE-LAYER PAPER CUPS for hot beverages

Design: bottom + wall

Material: cellulose paper with unilateral polyethylene coating

Application: for hot drinks and for cold drinks without ice

Internal polyethylene coating protects the paper from getting wet and is used to glue the seams of the paper cup.

Such paper cup does not burn your hands, because paper has a much lower thermal conductivity compared to plastic, but, nevertheless, a paper cup of hot drink on the surface is hot enough, we recommend using a capholder.

In a single-layer paper cup for hot drinks, you can not pour very cold drinks or drinks with ice, because of the difference in temperature inside and outside the paper cup, condensation will occur on the surface of it, causing the paper to soak and the cup to lose its rigidity.

Бумажные стаканы Papperskopp
Бумажные стаканы Papperskopp


Design: bottom + wall

Material: cellulose paper with unilateral polyethylene coating 

Application: for hot drinks and for cold drinks without ice

The main difference of this paper cup is polyethylene coating not only inside it, but also outside. The outer coating prevents the cup from soaking if condensation occurs on the surface of the it.

Paper cups with double-sided lamination can not be used for hot drinks, because the walls of these cups have a high thermal conductivity and burn hands. This is because thinner paper is used for their production, and two layers of polyethylene increase thermal conductivity.

Typically, paper cups for cold drinks are cheaper than the same for hot drinks, which often makes you want to save and pour both hot and cold drinks in the same paper cup. Don't save on the comfort of your customers. Use paper cups as intended.


Design: bottom + wall + cup sleeve

Material of the wall: paper with single-layer polyethylene coating

Material of the sleeve: paper

Application: for hot beverages

The two-layer paper cups are essentially a paper thermos. Double walls and an air gap between them reduce thermal conductivity, which is why the drink retains its temperature longer, and the cups does not heat up outside and does not burn your hands.

Papperskopp produces ThermoCup double-layer paper cups. The difference of this technology is in the increased air gap, which leads to the additional pleasure of thermal conductivity.

Бумажные стаканы Papperskopp
Бумажные стаканы Papperskopp


Design: bottom + wall + cup sleeve
Material of the wall: paper with single-layer polyethylene coating

Material of the sleeve: embossed paper

Application: for hot beverages

The walls of these paper cups consist of two or three layers of paper, and the top layer has a relief structure. Corrugated paper cups have the lowest thermal conductivity in comparison with other types of disposable cups, not only because of the air spaces in the walls of the cups, but also due to the fact that the hands are in contact only with the protruding parts of the relief.

Бумажные стаканы Paperskop Rus

Product choice of paper cups

Papperskopp Rus produces single-layer, double-layer and corrugated paper cups for hot and cold beverages. In our product choice you can pick up any kind of paper cup of the suitable volume and design.

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