Thermocup is a cup with its own microclimate – hot inside/cool outside


This unique effect is achieved by using three innovative elements:

– Unique cup design: a top quality paper cup is reliably wrapped in special protective paper layer in such a way that provides air space between a cup and the outside layer. The air space creates a thermos effect keeping a drink inside hot for longer while protecting a comfortable touch outside. The outside layer is reliably glued to the inside cup creating one piece product.

– Composite materials approach. For an inside cup we use the highest grade cupboard and for outside layers are made from a porous paper with glossy surface, which not only helps keeping heat inside but also allows wide possibilities for high quality printing.

– State of the art gluing technology, which guarantees that the trickiest part of cup making (bottom gluing) is executed seamlessly. This technology practically eliminates leakage probability.


This is probably the part, where you think that this product must be very expensive. Fortunately, our best in class equipment and processes help us to produce these unique cups very efficiently. True quality should be affordable after all.



Comfortable touch



3 hours

Keeps drinks hot



Zero percent leakage probability




Outside temperature


What our clients say:

“Thermocup cups are comfortable to hold and hold drink temperature very well. Printing quality is top notch.”